About Us

Cherry Hill Clinic was founded on the premise of serving others. In most business histories, you will read about overcoming obstacles, winning awards, and all of the right moments aligning. That is not what the history of Cherry Hill Clinic truly is. The history of the clinic is contained in Dr. Jose herself.

Inspired, as a little girl in her village in India, by a doctor who would come and stay for hours treating all of the people who came to them, Dr. Jose observed something so rare for her people: respect. Of course, the people respected the doctor, but it was the respect that the doctor held for each and every soul that he cared for that was the hand that planted the seed of serving others in Dr. Jose’s heart. Cherry Hill Clinic is the extension of that seed that sprouted authentic care and concern for her patients. 

Meet Dr. Jose

Dr. Jose was born in India in a rural environment and at the tender age of five, knew that she wanted to help people directly, be an important part of staying well. As she grew, she discovered her love and found her space for serving others in medicine.

Dr. Jose went to medical school and graduated in 1996, immediately taking a job in a hospital. She was a promised woman, according to tradition, and married her husband while he was in Indiana working on his Ph.D. They moved around quite a bit, studying general surgery at the University of Florida, then moving to continue studying in Bronx, NY as well. Dr. Jose became a skilled surgeon, but found that a surgeon’s schedule took her away from her family. She decided to change her studies to focus on family medicine.

Now, not only does she get to spend time with her family, she has the privilege of helping families find the doctor perfect for them. “I think, in the end, I was just too kind for surgery,” she laughs, and that is true. Dr. Jose’s warm loving personality makes her perfect for family medicine. She changed her studies to focus on family medicine and moved to Missouri in 2011. In 2018, she started this clinic.

Meet our staff

Aniyah Collie-Hines

Customer service oriented receptionist at Cherry Hill Clinic who also works in the pharmacy setting when she isn't at Cherry Hill. Aniyah enjoys working in the medical field and helping patients book their consultations. Aniyah's positive spirit brightens the clinic!

Dr. Sheena Jose

Dr. Sheena Jose is at the heart of the operation. She founded the clinic and runs it with care. Her patients know her for her pleasent demeanor and medical expertise. Dr. Jose has always had a passion for medicine and helping families feel better.

Jennifer Craven

Jennifer is a dedicated part of the Cherry Hill Clinic team! She is well known and trusted by Cherry Hill patients and a big help to Dr. Jose. Jennifer is one of the newest employees to this growing clinic with lots of heart.


Does Dr. Jose offer telehealth appointments so that I can speak with her in the convenience of my home?

Dr. Jose understands there are a plethora of circumstances that would make it difficult for patients to travel to see her. She absolutely offers telehealth. Simply reach out to the office and they will schedule you.

Dr. Jose is currently taking new patients and would be thrilled to serve your family! To make your appointment go smoothly, call and schedule, gather a list of your current medications and dosages, and contact any previous healthcare providers who might have pertinent information that might benefit Dr. Jose

Yes you can! Dr. Jose offers school sports physicals, DOT physicals, wellness checks, and other services to keep your family healthy.

If you or anyone in your family is currently receiving Medicaid, Dr. Jose and her staff are more than happy to work with you. We understand the Medicaid system and how it works and can help you navigate a spend-down situation or answer any questions that you may have.

She does. And here is a list of other services she offers:

  • Audiometry – hearing tests

  • Spirometry – lung density tests 

  • Small Procedures – As an urgent care physician, she can perform small procedures in her office.

  • COVID testing and vaccinations 

  • TDAP vaccines

  • B12 injections

  • Steroid injections

  • IV fluids

  • Antibiotics

  • Blood draws

  • Hypertension


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