Physicals, wellness checks, bloodwork, urinalysis, vaccinations, and immunizations are just a few of the services provided by Cherry Hill Clinic. Even minor procedures can be performed in her office as she is an urgent care doctor..


Are you new to the area? Do you have new symptoms decreasing your quality of life? Whatever the issue, from wellness check-in’s to physicals, we can help put your mind at ease. Our staff is happy to schedule consultations, exams, or immediate treatment if necessary. From physical exams for young athletes, to that dull aching in Mom’s left foot, scheduling with us is quick and easy.


Dr. Jose is dedicated to doing what is best for her patients, including leaving nothing to chance or question.  Full panel blood work-ups, urinalysis, strep swabs, anything that requires a lab, Dr. Jose can assist. And there is no need to fear or fret over the results. As soon as they are in her hands, she will be reaching out to you.


Getting to the heart of your healthcare is what Cherry Hill Clinic does best. So if you have questions or concerns, Dr. Jose and her staff have EKG on-site and will help you with your results and any further care that might be necessary, including a referral to a top-notch cardiologist.


Great strides have been made on the technological side of oxygen. Dr. Jose knows that supplemental oxygen can be frightening and cumbersome; she knows that it does not have to be that way. An appointment with Dr. Jose can result in what you need without hauling around those old-school oxygen tanks.


Misinformation has become more prolific than factual information when it comes to diabetes. Dr. Jose would love to help you simplify your diabetic regimen, setting you on a path to healing and treating your diabetes in a way that doesn’t leave you wondering if you are doing the right things. She is committed to taking the time to help you or your loved one find the right balance to keep life in balance.


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