Getting to the heart of your healthcare is what Cherry Hill Clinic does best. So if you have questions or concerns, Dr. Jose and her staff have EKG on-site and will help you with your results and any further care that might be necessary, including a referral to a top-notch cardiologist.


The EKG testing can be used to help determine the source of hypertension and the effects it is having on the body. It is the primary diagnostic tool used in stress tests. The EKG can also detect arrhythmia, a problem with the rhythm of the heartbeat. The heart should beat steadily; but when the patient’s electrical heartbeat impulses fail to fire properly, then the heart may beat too quickly, too slowly, or at irregular intervals.

A heart attack can be detected by EKG. Although the attack happens suddenly, the buildup that caused the blockage – a combination of fat, cholesterol, and other plaque-building materials – gathered over time. An EKG can detect whether a person is having a heart attack or if they had one previously.

Atherosclerotic heart disease, or coronary artery disease, interferes with how the blood flows. EKG can detect this issue. In the case of an enlarged heart, narrowing of the arteries can also be detected.


Does Dr. Jose offer telehealth appointments so that I can speak with her in the convenience of my home?

Dr. Jose understands there are a plethora of circumstances that would make it difficult for patients to travel to see her. She absolutely offers telehealth. Simply reach out to the office and they will schedule you.

Dr. Jose is currently taking new patients and would be thrilled to serve your family! To make your appointment go smoothly, call and schedule, gather a list of your current medications and dosages, and contact any previous healthcare providers who might have pertinent information that might benefit Dr. Jose

Yes you can! Dr. Jose offers school sports physicals, DOT physicals, wellness checks, and other services to keep your family healthy.

If you or anyone in your family is currently receiving Medicaid, Dr. Jose and her staff are more than happy to work with you. We understand the Medicaid system and how it works and can help you navigate a spend-down situation or answer any questions that you may have.

She does. And here is a list of other services she offers:

  • Audiometry – hearing tests

  • Spirometry – lung density tests 

  • Small Procedures – As an urgent care physician, she can perform small procedures in her office.

  • COVID testing and vaccinations 

  • TDAP vaccines

  • B12 injections

  • Steroid injections

  • IV fluids

  • Antibiotics

  • Blood draws

  • Hypertension


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